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OK, no more politics on this site. At least until 2008.

Posted by CinemaPsycho on November 12, 2004

It occurred to me not long after writing that little rant last week that it might not be considered “appropriate” by some for the main page of a movie-review site. And I can understand that. I’m sure that if people are looking for movie reviews, they might be a little surprised to find election commentary staring back at them. No one goes to political sites looking for reviews of the latest films, now do they?

And like many people (myself included), you’re all probably sick of the whole thing and just wish everyone would shut the hell up about it. Believe me, I sympathize.

Having said that, the main reason someone starts a site like this is to communicate something with people. To say things that aren’t being said elsewhere. To provide an alternate viewpoint. And that’s really all I was trying to do, not try to push my political views on an unsuspecting audience. (If that were my intention, I’d have been a bit late.) I don’t believe what anyone says on a website will actually change someone’s vote or political affiliation, any more than putting a sign in your yard will actually influence people to vote for the candidate you support.

And yet it seems that everywhere you go on the Internet, you find nothing but opinions. Yes, even people just looking for movie reviews. Every critic/journalist/whatever out there, from Harry Knowles to Jeffrey Wells feel free to inject their personal opinions and beliefs into their writing, even if they have nothing to do with the subject they’re supposed to be covering. I’m not knocking them for that. What amazes me is that even though people complain about it, they keep coming back and reading those guys anyway. Never mind the fact that there are plenty of places on the Net to get movie news without any commentary. It’s almost as if these people are just looking for someone prominent who they disagree with, someone they can write an angry email to. Someone they can pick a fight with.

For me, arguing about politics is equally as pointless as arguing about religion, sports, the weather or the so-called “battle of the sexes” (does anyone know who’s winning?). The person you’re arguing with is not going to change your mind. Most likely you are not going to change their minds. You can present all the facts, you can use logic and reason until you’re blue in the face. They’re not going to hear it.

You know what the whole thing reminds me of? Here’s an analogy that any film geek can relate to: it’s like the age-old widescreen vs. full-screen debate. I’m sure we all know people who still prefer full-screen, in the misguided belief that they’re seeing “more” of the picture. You can try to argue with these people. You can tell them exactly why widescreen is better, and even get into technical things like aspect ratios if you’re knowledgeable about that stuff. But 99 times out of 100, they’ll come back with, “I don’t like those black bars on the screen” (there ARE no “black bars” dammit, there’s just no picture there!) or something equally nonsensical.

Give it up, man. They’re just not capable of “seeing the picture” the way you do.

So at some point you just have to “agree to disagree” and drop it. Move on. But some people aren’t capable of doing that for some reason. I know there have been several times in my life where someone just can’t give it a rest (especially recently), even though I’ve made it as clear as I possibly can that I’d rather not discuss it any further. It doesn’t take long before I come to dread seeing that person again. What I absolutely don’t want is to become that person for the readers on my site. I need all the readers I can get.

I don’t intend to just write movie reviews, even though that will be a large part of the site. I started this column with the specific purpose of writing about whatever feels relevant, whatever’s on my mind that no one else seems to be saying or thinking about. Since movies generally preoccupy my thoughts most of the time, it stands to reason that most of the columns will be about movies. But occasionally, you can expect me to wander off into some other realm. Be aware that this stuff is being written by a real person, not some kind of movie robot. So trust me, it will happen.

And when it does, feel free to ignore me if you see fit. After all, I’m just a guy writing stuff on the Internet. What the hell do I know?

More reviews are on the way! I promise. You can expect at least one theatrical review, as well as my first couple of reviews of new and recent DVD releases in the next week or so. Talk to you soon!


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